En este momento estás viendo U.S. blockade against Cuba, a silent bomb that hurts and kills

U.S. blockade against Cuba, a silent bomb that hurts and kills

The U.S. blockade is like a silent bomb that hurts and kills the Cuban family, said recently activist Carlos Lazo, organizer of the Bridges of Love movement.

At a time when many express their good wishes before Christmas and the New Year holidays, the Cuban-American professor reflected on these convulsive times. «It is difficult to wish happy holidays in days like these,» he said, recalling that «in the Middle East and in other parts of the planet bombs are falling, killing thousands of human beings.

«Right now, as you read these lines, a child, dozens, hundreds of children with their mothers, lie slaughtered under the rubble. When you finish reading, the dead will be more,» he said in a message on social networks.

«In our homeland, those silent bombs called blockade hurt and kill, yes, they kill the Cuban family! To wish us happiness, as if nothing happened, is, at least a sin of omission and indifference,» stressed the Seattle-based professor.

«But human greatness, what makes us rational beings, is the love and altruism that dwells somewhere in our hearts. What makes us sons and daughters of God is the faith and hope that tomorrow is going to be better. With that faith and that hope that a more humane world is possible, I wish you happiness. That is the condition I set,» he added.

I wish you happiness if your happiness is accompanied by a renewed commitment to continue fighting, raising your voice, making a grain of sand for the Cuban family, he added.

«I wish you happiness, if that happiness implies fighting for others, as if others were our own family, because, in the end, others are our family! I wish you happiness if the blessings that you wish for yourselves, you also wish for your neighbor. Because what we ask for others, will be given to us,» he wrote on his Facebook page.

I wish and wish you happiness, because there is no evil that lasts forever and no injustice that is eternal. Because if happiness consists in giving and serving and fighting for those who suffer, and if you serve and give, then the times to come will be better! That happiness I predict and wish for, he added.

«For the children and for the elderly! For all the Cuban people! For those who suffer and wait! Congratulations! Down with the blockade! Bridges of love!» he concluded.

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