En este momento estás viendo Tribute to journalists begins in Ciego de Ávila
A la zurda, a monthly space for debate on issues of economic and social impact, at the Casa de la Prensa Avilania, among the initiatives in tune with the transformation event, the VI Congress of UPEC. Photo: Fatima Pompa Frómeta

Tribute to journalists begins in Ciego de Ávila

The most important celebration in Ciego de Ávila will be held on International Journalist’s Day on the 8th, the delivery of the awards for the work of the year corresponding to the 2023 Eddy Martín Provincial Journalism Award.

The jury is ready to evaluate the works and award the highest quality, in the categories of written press, radio, television, digital and graphic, which achievements correspond to a member elected by each base delegation of the Union of Cuban Journalists.

Pastor Batista Valdés, president of this organization in the Avilanian territory, reported that in addition to the awards ceremony, there will be an exhibition with images and documents from previous congresses, as part of the process prior to the great event of UPEC in its eleventh edition, scheduled for November of this year, in Havana.

Among the initiatives for the commemoration next Friday of Press Professionals Day, he highlighted the fiction short Hombre de novela, a work submitted to the Eddy Martín contest by the young Avilanian television cameraman, Nestor Labrada García.

On September 8, International Journalist’s Day, there should be another day of counting and commitments in Ciego de Ávila to consolidate spaces in the Casa de la Prensa, in the style of A la zurda, with a monthly frequency, open to debate on issues current affairs related to history, ideology, society and also with the participation of young university students and guests from different organizations and institutions.

Batista Valdés emphasized that on the way to the transformation Congress, press professionals cannot be oblivious to what worries the population the most today: skyrocketing prices without control; the inconsistency of salary-purchasing power-satisfaction of needs, exodus and migration, the need to rescue work as a source of wealth to save the economy, among other issues of economic and social impact.

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