Trade union movement intensifies confrontation with speculative and abusive prices in Ciego de Ávila

In the last few days the value of the offers have increased excessively/Photo: Albert Jiménez Fajardo

As part of the integration of the factors involved in the Provincial Group of Confrontation to illegalities and other facts that hinder the development of society, in Ciego de Ávila the union movement intensifies the confrontation to prevent speculative and abusive prices.

Roberto Pérez García, member of the CTC Executive in the territory, said that the task is mainly aimed at self-employed workers and street vendors, who in recent days have excessively increased the value of their offers.

For this purpose, they develop persuasion actions through the work of the inspectors and the protagonism of the workers’ leaders at the base.

The official said that among the most affected unions are those of Commerce and Gastronomy, Agriculture, food industry, fishing and transportation.

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