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Photo: Albert Fajardo Jimenez

They call for self-management as the primary activity of commerce in Ciego de Ávila

To establish self-management as a primary activity based on the new structures of the sector to improve its economy, the attendees of the Assembly of Representatives of the Commerce Business Group in Ciego de Ávila called on Monday.

Chaired by Frank Silva Herrera, General Director of Merchandise Sales of the MINCIN and Marbellís Pérez Hidalgo, Member of the National Executive of the Trade Union, the positive and adverse actions of work in the year 2022 were exposed.

Lázaro Edel Granado Geledian, General Director of the Group in the Avilanian territory, presented a report containing that during the stage the Mercantile Circulation plan is fulfilled at 104.9 percent, which indicator exceeds the planned sales in the same stage of last year.

In the same way, the activities of Gastronomy and Services achieve a favorable behavior with respect to their established plans, although distant from the traditional productive goals that lead to the satisfaction of the People´s demands.

In this regard, several directors with financial losses, such as in the municipalities of Chambas and Florencia, explained the need to restructure operational mechanisms in order to reduce costs, with greater weight in transportation, while the Primero de Enero official spoke about the wide flow of actions that establish with private and state through self-management.

A question was repeated in plenary: When will the losses be eliminated? A concern that, according to the representative of the labor movement in the forum, can only be achieved with the collective and individual interest of those who with love comply in each of the slopes provided by the sphere, and taking advantage of all available spaces.

The Assembly of Representatives of the Business Group of Commerce in Ciego de Ávila ended with an evocation of Commander Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriarán on the occasion of the 91st Anniversary of his birth, since in his youth he also belonged to the union of men and women of Trade.

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