En este momento estás viendo The party of knowledge and learning returns to Ciego de Ávila
Photo: Taken from the facebook profile of Educación Ciego de Ávila

The party of knowledge and learning returns to Ciego de Ávila

With the incorporation of more than 67,000 students to the classrooms and the continuity of the school year that will end in November, the festival of knowledge and learning resumed in Ciego de Ávila on September 5.

Nolberto Roche Noa, deputy director of Education in the province, explained that in the next two months they will work on the closing of all subjects and the systematization of the contents of those that conclude with final exams in each of the educational levels.

The leader added that at this stage in the basic secondary schools, the ranking of ninth grade students and the plan of vacancies will be published, which has as a novelty the specialties of Furniture Making and Polygraphy, while the awarding will take place in October.

Of the 392 educational centers that opened their doors this Monday, 18 of them, located in vulnerable communities, were benefited with repair and maintenance actions, which will favor the development of the teaching and learning process.

With teacher coverage at 90%, and 565 vacancies remaining to be covered by hourly contracts, increases in teaching loads and the number of students to be attended, the teaching calendar that began last March is expected to be completed.

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