Appreciation and homage to those who care for the health of the people

Photo: Taken from Intrnet

Paying tribute to health care workers should be a daily feeling, because of the impact their work has on people’s lives.

But every year a special day is marked, with emphasis on December 3, Latin American Medicine Day.

This day will culminate on December 15, after fulfilling a program of activities, ranging from special mornings to delivery of medals and awards to the most outstanding.

All the health dependencies and institutions in the province of Ciego de Ávila are carrying out their acts, as a kind of gratitude of the population to the flooded work of the army of white coats.

The transit of the COVID 19 pandemic was a stage of maximum growth of doctors, nursing professionals, technologists and administrative and service personnel of the health sector, because they bravely faced the danger of the deadly virus and saved thousands of lives.

From primary to hospital care and in every corner of the province, the avilanian people celebrate the Day of the Health Worker, with gratitude to those who make Cuban medicine a humanitarian act of high values.

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