En este momento estás viendo The harvest of dignity and unity
The highest authorities of Ciego de Ávila met this Sunday with the harvest workers. Photo: José Luis Martínez Alejo

The harvest of dignity and unity

This is the name of the contest in which it is intended to make a difference in production and attention to workers in Ciego de Ávila.

To mark the difference in 2023 is more than a communicational label designed, printed and ready to position its content not only in social networks, but with a view to boost economic and social results in the province of Ciego de Ávila, where the recent governmental visit, led by Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and president of the Republic of Cuba, was taken as a new starting point.

The meeting was different, as it was requested in the meeting, this Sunday, the meeting of union leaders and other organizations of the avilanian territory with the cutting forces in sugar cane fields of the Ciro Redondo Agro-industrial Sugar Company, in order to learn about the working conditions and the commitments for the fulfillment of the daily task of cutting.

At the Ciro Redondo sugar mill and the bioelectric plant, Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas, Governor of the province, and Niurka Ferrer Castillo, general secretary of the CTC, among other visitors, talked with the workers and managers about how vital it is for the economy to achieve efficiency in an integral way in the struggle identified with the slogan of Zafra de la Dignidad y la Unidad, according to Gisel Amuedo Yanes, maximum union representative of the avilanian sugar sector.

What is today the epicenter of the provincial sugar agribusiness has results and great challenges. Its locomotive was during 2022 the collective of the Ferroazuc Base Business Unit with 23 million pesos of profits, a figure that represented 63% of the municipal total in that indicator and a similar percentage meant its financial contribution directed to local development.

Being different also corresponds to the entities with economic losses. The Ciro Redondo Sugar Company with a red balance of over 69 million pesos and Commercializer Azumat with 44 million pesos, among others such as the Biolectric, which also failed to reach profitability in 2022.

To be changeable means to give a turn to the economic panorama in Ciro Redondo today with more accumulated losses than profits, with a view to make a difference with its potentialities in the year just started for which the leadership of the Revolution has oriented to think from the municipalities to solve the problems of the province and those of the country.

In the sugar cane fields, the working conditions and the fulfillment of the daily tasks were insisted on. Photo: Sulema Véliz Pina

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