En este momento estás viendo Syrian air defense repels Israeli missile attack (+Photo)

Syrian air defense repels Israeli missile attack (+Photo)

The Syrian army’s anti-aircraft defense systems acted today in the face of a new air aggression by the Israeli regime against several points in the south of this capital.

Local media reported that Tel Aviv fighters launched from the occupied Syrian Golan several shells, some were intercepted and others hit sites in the town of Sayyeda Zainab, located about 10 kilometers southeast of Damascus.

There has not yet been an official statement from the Syrian Ministry of Defense as to whether the attack caused casualties or material losses, however, residents of this capital heard the sound of several explosions coming from southern areas.

Last Monday, a similar aggression took place on a farm in the same locality of Sayyeda Zainab, which caused the destruction of a two-storey house and the death of an undetermined number of civilians, according to the Ministry of Defense of this nation.

Israel constantly bombs Syrian territory under the pretext of attacking pro-Iranian militias, while Damascus claims that these attacks constitute a violation of its sovereignty and international law.

The Foreign Ministry urged the UN Security Council to fulfill its responsibilities and put an end to these aggressions.

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