En este momento estás viendo Sugar harvest going well in farmer cooperative of Morón

Sugar harvest going well in farmer cooperative of Morón

The sugar harvest is progressing at a good pace in the Agricultural Production Cooperative, CPA, Enrique Varona, from the municipality of Morón in Ciego de Ávila, and its associates are engaged in the fulfillment of all the tasks to maintain, this year, the condition of National Vanguard .

Leobany Morales López, president of the CPA, explained that the Cooperative plans to cut 17,500 tons of cane this season, of which 6,200 have been cut, with a yield of 60 tons per hectare, and although there have been difficulties with spare parts for equipment such as the combined machines, the cooperative members will comply with the commitment.

Although the cooperative is mainly sugarcane, for which 740 hectares are planted, it also produces root vegetables and grains for the self-consumption of the members, and for prioritized health centers such as the Maternity Home, in addition to having made donations to the province of

Pinar del Río, affected by Hurricane Irma, he commented.  The tasks in greeting to the 65th anniversary of the Farmer in Arms Congress have not lagged behind either, so the community has been beautified, the Marti square was built, and the Family Doctor’s Office and the school, located in the community of Santa Bárbara were painted, pointed out Morales López. (Hector Izquierdo Acuna)

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