En este momento estás viendo Sugar cane campaign in avilanian southwest shows results

Sugar cane campaign in avilanian southwest shows results

A little more than ten days after the beginning of the current sugar campaign in the sugar cane producing units of the municipality of Majagua linked to the Uruguay sugar mill from Jatibonico, results can be seen in the development of the task.

For the occasion, two cutting centers were established: one in charge of a platoon of CASSE  combined ma chinesof the Agricultural Producers Assistance front of the referred entity, which works 24 hours a day in the fields with higher yields, and another one formed by the KTP-2 teams of the UBPC Gratitud and the CPA Nieves Montano to harvest in the 5 existing units those areas destined for replenishment.

The Basic Cooperative Production Unit Cabera, which collective is among the 10 most outstanding in the country, is the site that received in its first tour the equipment of superior technology and where the accumulated raw material sent to the Melanio Hernández plant, due to the temporary stoppage of Uruguay, exceeds 4,240 tons.

Managers and workers responsible for the harvest work in the avilanian southwest, in the statements offered to this reporter, agree in recognizing the complexity of the current harvest, while expressing their willingness to move forward, which is evidenced by the daily effort to grow in the face of the limitations.

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