En este momento estás viendo Solidarity greetings from Italy on the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution (+Photo)

Solidarity greetings from Italy on the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution (+Photo)

The National Association of Italy-Cuba Friendship (Anaic) today sent fraternal greetings and solidarity to the Cuban people on the 65th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution in that country, which is being commemorated this January 1.

The president of Anaic, Marco Papacci, expressed in declarations to Prensa Latina that this organization maintains the strong conviction, evidenced in the message, that «the coherence and vitality of the Cuban Revolution changed the historical and political face of the world» with its example of solidarity, democracy and social justice.

In these 65 years, Cuba faced «with tenacious resistance to the ferocity of U.S. imperialism» which, with its criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade, «tries unsuccessfully to destroy that revolutionary experience», emphasizes Anaic.

«In the midst of a very difficult battle for dignity, equality and survival», that nation «has set in motion a process of emancipation and popular participatory democracy, and has helped with its doctors and teachers, fruit and children of the Revolution, many other countries of the South», adds the communiqué.

The statement asserts that Cuba, revolutionary and socialist, has always stood by the side of the peoples «without any fear and with its head held high, proud as always of its positions, and we with it», and refers in particular to the current support to the Palestinians, victims in the Gaza Strip of the brutal Israeli aggression.

The Cuban Revolution taught millions of human beings, with the strength of its example, the value of freedom and self-determination, which «are worth more than anything else», expresses the document, where the members of the Anaic reiterate that «Cuba is our guide, our lighthouse».

In the letter they also state that, just as they were in solidarity with that country in Italy in 1961 after the Bay of Pigs invasion, the moment when that association was born, as well as after the collapse of the countries of the socialist camp, when the island stood firm, «we are now and will always be, more convinced than ever».

In correspondence with that firm support, «we send to the Cuban people, the Cuban government and the Communist Party of Cuba our congratulations and solidarity, fraternal and internationalist greetings on this 65th anniversary of the Revolution», adds Anaic’s message.

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