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Sixty-two years with «Fist of Steel»

When on April 18, 1961 the T-34 tanks and the SAU-100 self-propelled guns penetrated the surroundings of Playa Girón, the invaders did not imagine that the crew of those armored vehicles, men with no experience in their use, would contribute significantly so decisive to victory.

If to some extent those inexperienced boys did not perfectly master this newly acquired technique, it was replaced with the courage, audacity and the decision to defend the Homeland that characterizes Cuban fighters.

That accurate shot made by our Commander-in-Chief put an end to the enemy’s attempts to re-embark on the Houston ship and gave rise to the day of the tanker.

At present, its potential and the preparation of the personnel that operate it, make it possible for them to face the enemy in better conditions. Its great firepower developed in combat makes it a precise weapon, which is why it is classified as the Iron Fist of the Revolutionary Armed Forces.

Being inside one of those «moles» is uncomfortable. The gunner, the loader, the mechanical driver and the tank commander are cramped, but even so, it is a safe and effective means of combat in shooting.

Lands of the African continent were also the scene of the heroism of these fighters and their armored vehicles. The heirs of the Mambí cavalry, who today celebrate their sixty-second anniversary, have bequeathed to our history heroic pages of self-denial and courage. They receive the affection, respect and gratitude of all their people.

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