En este momento estás viendo Shared governance among all is more effective

Shared governance among all is more effective

To be elected as a delegate of the People’s Power in a constituency is to have gained the trust of the citizens of the community, who bet on the values of who is going to represent them before authorities and officials to solve general or personal problems.

Then the delegate acquires a great responsibility that will take up a lot of time in his life and that he has to share with his functions as a worker, as are the majority, and his own particular task.

The function of this voluntary public servant, without any remuneration, requires constant negotiations and meetings, visits to organizations, interviews with state officials, discussions, procedures and many negotiations, in the search for a solution to the various approaches of their constituents.

For this complex gear to be successful, the delegate needs a kind of activists, from the same community, to help him find a way out of the problems.

People with an innate vocation for service are ideal to form an alliance with the delegates and help them with various tasks.

The presidents of the CDR and the FMC have to be linked to the tasks of the constituencies and collaborate to achieve true harmony in community problems. In short, the shared government among all is more effective and in Cuba that right is enjoyed.

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