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Scientific project that benefits agriculture encouraged

The project aimed at evaluating the danger, vulnerabilities and risks in the face of phyto sanitary disasters developed by specialists from the Center for Environmental Engineering and Biodiversity of Ciego de Ávila, has become a service which objective is to offer concrete tools that prevent certain contingencies in agriculture in Ciego de Ávila.

According to the statements of Mr. Javier González García, deputy director of investigations of the institution and head of the new service in this center located in the municipality of Morón, among the main threats are the appearance of pests and the effect of extreme weather events.

González García clarified that both state companies and independent farmers can request the service that will be provided depending on the crops present in the area as well as the pests and other dangers associated with them, a study that must be put into practice in each production base as part of their respective risk plan.

Without a doubt, the implementation of this new service that studies the dangers, vulnerabilities and risks to which agriculture in the province is or could be subjected, should become a basic element when it comes to obtaining more efficient productions and higher yields, thus increasing the robustness of agricultural activity. (Written by Llamil Ruiz González)

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