School materials guaranteed for the beginning of the school year in Ciego de Ávila

Photo: Miladys Causilla Cutiño

The members of the Provincial Directorate of Education in Ciego de Ávila guarantee the material basis of study and life for the beginning of the school year in Ciego de Ávila, according to the adjusted norm in relation to the economic situation of the country.

Omero Ariosa Perez, deputy economic director of this sector in the province, explained that there is a five-month supply of pencils and erasers and 100 sheets of paper for teachers in the classroom, 237 thousand for final tests and another 50 thousand for office work.

The leader added that the repair of textbooks and teaching materials continues, while explaining to the family the need for students to share the textbooks, which due to their state of deterioration cannot meet the approved delivery standard.

More than 3 million school books have not been produced in the country because of the blockade, which hinders the acquisition of supplies and spare parts for the printing industry.

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