Sales of natural and traditional medicine increase in Ciego de Ávila

Pharmacy workers sell Natural and Traditional Medicine at the Avilanian fair / Photo: Courtesy Provincial Health Department

Pharmacy workers take to the fair in the capital of Ciego de Ávila the sale of exponents of natural and traditional medicine as another treatment alternative for different diseases.

Bringing these preparations from plants closer to the population is a valid option for those who find relief from their ailments.

Many people look for this type of medicine because of the proven efficacy that they have had in their consumption and trust in its curative and palliative effects.

In Ciego de Ávila there are local laboratories that process some plants to turn them into medicines that are often used to treat or prevent chronic ailments and diseases, as well as to improve the quality of life.

Natural and traditional medicine is not only an alternative to the scarcity of certain conventional medicines, since these have properties to act effectively and fewer contraindications on some diseases.

In Ciego de Ávila there are laboratories that process plants to turn them into medicines
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