En este momento estás viendo Russia accuses Ukraine of preparing provocation with toxic weapons

Russia accuses Ukraine of preparing provocation with toxic weapons

Ukrainian special services are planning a provocation against Russia with the use of poisonous substances, the head of Russia’s Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops, Igor Kirilov, said today.

«According to our information, the Ukrainian president’s office is coordinating actions of the national security services to organize an anti-Russian provocation with the use of toxic substances,» Kirilov wrote on the official site of the Russian Defense Ministry.

He added that «taking into account the experience of the Syrian conflict, it is assumed that accusing the Russian Armed Forces of using chemical weapons will make it possible to launch a new anti-Russian campaign in the UN structures and in the world media.»

The also Russian lieutenant general detailed that for this purpose the Security Service of Ukraine enlisted the cooperation of the Ukrainian company Realab, which specializes in imports of chemical reagents and precursors.

«Through this company, in October-November of this year, a ‘small batch’ of triethanolamine and nitrogen-containing sodium compound produced by the American company Honeywell Research Chemicals was purchased in Germany,» Kirilov said.

He recalled that triethanolamine is included in the Annex on Chemical Substances of the Chemical Weapons Convention and is subject to annual declaration.

«This compound is a precursor for the synthesis of a blister agent – nitrogen mustard. Nitrogen-containing sodium compounds are highly toxic, their harmful effect is similar to that of cyanide,» the Russian military man related.

In addition, the Ukrainian agents can carry out a chemical provocation in areas of the Russian military operation where the Russian Army is more actively advancing, Kirilov continued.

Ukrainian troops, he explained, could use chemical and biological weapons due to the failure of the counteroffensive launched on June 4.

«It is planned that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will deliberately contaminate water sources, including drinking water, food stocks and animal feed with pathogenic biological agents,» the lieutenant general added.

According to Kirilov, the Russian military obtained during the special operation the documentation confirming the dangerousness of the Pentagon’s experiments in Ukraine, in particular, pharmaceuticals were tested on local residents and biological samples were exported.

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