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Photo: José Luis Martínez Alejo

Reinventing to win

Economic losses decrease, but there are companies in debt and the battle continues for change in Ciego de Ávila

The ideal is to look inside at the base of the operation of the union movement and the economy, but it was encouraging to learn in a meeting room that actions in food production and other priorities analyzed in the annual balance assembly of the Provincial Committee of the Cuban Workers´ Union in Ciego de Ávila.

Although 2023 is very young, the prediction that this year will be better is beginning to come true. An example is that of the 21 companies with economic losses at the end of 2022, seven remain to materialize the change achieved by those in the agricultural sector, except for agricultural supplies.

The so-called La Cuba that is Cuba, due to the task of providing food to all the provinces, once again embraces profits with strength and good sense: «We started with the dining room, improving the menu and lowering the price, because it is worth a lot to serve and listen to Workers; we created new agricultural collectives to optimize personnel and boost production with priority for short-cycle varieties,» explained Ricardo Varona Pestana, director of the entity.

He argued that they created two centers for raising sheep, they made a chicken raisin one,  and in a short time they will have a barn. «By the way, we not only took advantage of the investment opportunities, but also the potential of our own effort in the assembly of the Fregat irrigation machines, which is an expensive job, but the outlay was made in the pocket of our workers,» he emphasized.

Another center raised the losing anchor. The trade unionist Julio Miguel Méndez Estrada expressed: «Júcaro reinvented itself; it was reborn with is collective.» He exemplified that they remodeled the shipyard, rebuilt the boats on their land, promoted savings and innovation, and increased the processing of fish in the industry to add value to the usual productions.

In the meeting chaired by Leobanys Ávila Góngara, member of the National Secretariat of the CTC, there was a consensus on the need to give better meaning to what has not yet achieved the desired results: the implementation of the measures approved for the improvement of the Socialist State Enterprise, the battle against abusive prices, the unionization of non-state workers and the completion of vacant positions in the structures of the union movement.

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