En este momento estás viendo Rainbow of joy spread among children
Photo José Luis Martínez Alejo

Rainbow of joy spread among children

A true rainbow of joy is the beginning of the school year, an event that takes place all over the island, in which children, adolescents and young people wear their uniforms shining.

This November 28, Ciego de Ávila joyfully shared the day. Of the more than 68,500 students in the province who went today to the reencounter with knowledge, 5 thousand children crossed the threshold of the classrooms to enter, for the first time, into the wide world of knowledge.

In this tide of well-being, we see our child, a nephew, a niece, a grandchild or a neighbor, attending school radiant with happiness, where the teaching and support staff will guarantee them an adequate academic education despite the shortages and vicissitudes that the country is going through.

That is why today more than ever, I think of the teacher, of our José Martí and I presume the satisfaction he would feel to see materialized with deeds the greatness of his thought when he warned:

«To educate is to deposit in each man all the human work that has preceded him; it is to make each man a summary of the living world, up to the day he lives; it is to put him at the level of his time, so that he floats above it and not leave him below his time, with which he could not get afloat; it is to prepare man for life.»

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