En este momento estás viendo project Más spreads joy in Majagua (+Pictures)
Photos: Amador Rodríguez López

project Más spreads joy in Majagua (+Pictures)

Joy, contagious rhythms, the mystery of illusionism and messages of professional orientation, flooded the areas of the Simón Reyes Hernández Basic Secondary School in Majagua, through the enjoyment of the Avilanian project Más.

The magician Elisney and his assistant Elisnay, the clowns Cebollita and Corbatica, the candle eater Andy, the telepathy numbers in charge of Yasel, the well achieved dance evolutions and the balancing act in rolan, together with the remaining applauded interpretative samples, left in the spectators the pleasant impressions of those who make their slogan come true, more history, more culture and more integration.

The young artists walked through the streets of this head town to reach the local maternity home, where they showed their art to the future mothers and health workers of that institution.

The show of the youth cast formed by students of the Raúl Corrales Fornos Pedagogical School of the provincial capital, was attended by Misleydi Abad Modey, first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Yuliet Díaz Gómez maximum representation of the Youth of the territory and Zaily Pérez Ulloa, director of Education.

As part of today’s program, the young artists under the direction of the deputy director Ebel Sarduy Garvín, will be in the evening in areas of the Paseo Martí in Majagua, with a show dedicated to the enjoyment of the entire population.

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