En este momento estás viendo Progressive International expressed support to the Government of Honduras

Progressive International expressed support to the Government of Honduras

Progressive International, an organization that defends leftist movements, expressed its support to the Honduran government, headed by President Xiomara Castro, it was reported today in Tegucigalpa.

A communiqué issued the day before by this organization points out that, after three days of dialogue with citizens, communities, deputies, and officials of the Honduran Executive in permanent resistance against the so-called employment and economic development zones (ZEDE), this privatized national sovereignty.

It added that such effects are similar to those of the 2009 coup d’état which stripped the Honduran people of their rights to self-determination and caused 12 years and seven months of destruction to the security, prosperity, and sovereignty of the country.

He highlighted the exceptional public and private corruption scandal of the Zedes, and described it as an «authoritarian abuse of the most sacred rights of the Honduran people for the sordid and petty piratical interest of foreign corporations».

He stated that the ZEDE’s real name is «new corporate colonialism», and represents a violation of Honduran sovereignty and the social, economic, and environmental rights of its citizens.

According to the international delegation of diplomats, parliamentarians, analysts, and experts who worked in the Honduran capital last weekend, the ZEDEs constitute a threat not only to the Central American country but to all the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean.

In this regard, they agreed to build the international movement for Honduras in resistance and to summon allies from around the world to contribute to the current struggle for the democratic re-foundation of the country of the Pines.

Likewise, they agreed to accompany Honduras in the pro tempore presidency of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, which it will assume next year, among other actions.

The Zedes project was approved here in 2013, and in June 2021 received the endorsement of the Supreme Court of Justice.

In April last year, the Honduran National Congress repealed the law on the creation of these zones, after strong social and political pressure.

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