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Progress of social work checked in Ciego de Ávila popular council

Julio Heriberto Gómez Casanova, member of the Provincial Committee of the Party and its First Secretary in the municipality of Ciego de Ávila, evaluated this Wednesday the progress in the construction of the Calle Quinta winery, in the Roberto Rivas Fraga popular council, during an exchange with the factors of that demarcation.

The culmination of the store, one of the works committed in greeting to July 26 in the territory, will improve services to the resident population in that area of the avilanian capital city.

During the meeting, the neighbors’ proposals were checked and the main problems affecting the community were analyzed, in which organizations such as Aqueduct and Sewerage, Communal Services and Pedraplén Sur have an impact.

Viviana Martínez Cárdenas, president of the municipal assembly of People’s Power, pointed out that these meetings constitute a strategy and potential that must continue to be consolidated, since it allows us to verify the concerns of the people, and the main actions developed by the administrative entities that sponsor the constituencies.

The leader pointed out that solutions should not only come from the business sector, but also from integrated community work, with which a group of neighborhood problems can be answered.

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