En este momento estás viendo Cuba exhibits biotechnological development at Russian Health Fair (+Photos)
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Cuba exhibits biotechnological development at Russian Health Fair (+Photos)

Leading products of Cuba’s biotechnological and pharmaceutical sector will be exhibited at the Russia 2023 Health Fair, confirmed today the director of the BioCubaFarma office in Moscow, Idania Caballero.

In declarations to Prensa Latina, the representative of the Cuban Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industries Group in Moscow said that this will make it easier for Russian entities to know the potential of the production of medicines for diseases such as diabetes or cancer, developed in the scientific centers of the Caribbean nation.

In this regard, he gave as an example Heberprot-p, a novel and unique drug prescribed for the therapy of diabetic foot ulcer, based on human growth factor, which is registered in the Eurasian giant within its basic list of medicines.

Caballero also commented on three projects developed by the Skolkovo Innovation Center, which have passed the clinical trials phase and are at an early stage of development for the treatment of neurological conditions and malignant carcinomas.

In this regard, he added that the Fair serves as a vehicle to showcase all the advances and attract new partners for bilateral cooperation, as well as to publicize the scientific and technological potential of the largest island in the Caribbean Sea.

«The opportunity to be for the fourth consecutive time in this event makes it easier for us to find suppliers so that there is no shortage of products in Cuba, a very fair claim of our population. We are making efforts to find other ways to maintain our country’s health indicators when the blockade imposed by the United States closes certain avenues,» he said.

As his statement, the Cuban ambassador to Russia, Julio Garmendía, said that this is an excellent opportunity for Antillean scientists to learn about the achievements of the Russian public health and pharmaceutical industry.

«This event is the scenario to also project our interests, and show the Russian counterpart the progress in medicines, unique of its kind, for the cure of cancer, Parkinson’s, as well as other diseases,» the diplomat emphasized.

Cuba has been participating in the Moscow Health Fair for the past four years, a platform that constitutes the largest health care project in Russia, where various initiatives such as international trade fairs, congresses, forums, conferences and other events are held.

The initiative, held this year from December 4 to 8 and involving 15 countries, is supported by the Russian authorities and government, legislative, federal and regional executive bodies in health care, manufacturing and tourism.

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