En este momento estás viendo Prices of Acopio reduced in Majagua
Photo: Amador Rodríguez López

Prices of Acopio reduced in Majagua

Arriving these days at the state markets served by the Collection Department in Majagua and finding products that have lowered their prices by 30 percent and more, is an encouraging sign.

This group includes poplars, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, avocados, plantains and guavas, among others, all of which are in great demand by members of the community, having earned an irreplaceable place at the Cuban table.

Among the clients of market number 2 of this main town, Yaneisy Zubiaurre Castillo, a worker in the banking sector, after making the weekend purchase made up of various products and paying just over 100 pesos, told us that weeks ago in a similar fracture the amount tripled.

However, representatives of some points of sale run by self-employed workers still insist on NOT changing prices, one of the many reasons to keep active the task of achieving that 80% of the products of the agricultural sector in function of reducing prices, its distribution is carried out through the mechanisms established by the Collection Department.

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