En este momento estás viendo Dangers of the dispute for world hegemony debated in Cuba

Dangers of the dispute for world hegemony debated in Cuba

Experts from Cuba analyzed today the dangers of the global dispute for hegemony, which foresees the proximity of one of the worst economic crises of the last decades.

According to Jorge Casals, head professor of the Raúl Roa Higher Institute of International Relations, there is a crisis in the system of domination of U.S. imperialism, where a struggle prevails between the old order led by the North American nation and the new one, in which the main actors are not yet fully defined.

The academic explained in the Permanent Commission on International Relations, which is meeting as a prelude to the Second Ordinary Session of the National Assembly of People’s Power (Parliament), that these contradictions are expressed in different ways, such as the unsustainable indebtedness of national economies and the use of the military and financial muscle of the powers to maintain hegemony.

In these scenarios, he pointed out, not only the configuration of the powers, but also human survival is decided.

Faustino Cobarrubia, a researcher at the World Economy Research Center, pointed out that one of the dangers of the decline of the US empire is that once cornered, it may be capable of the greatest crimes to maintain its power at any cost.

The president of the Permanent Commission, Rolando González, warned that this scenario may also result in a weakening of the coercive power base of the United States to impose unilateral sanctions such as those applied against the island, although this probability may take time to develop to a visible level.

At the meeting, a proposal for a declaration of solidarity with the Palestinian people was presented, pending approval by the National Assembly, against the genocide perpetrated by the Israeli forces.

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