En este momento estás viendo Pre-candidate for the tenth CDR Congress elected in Ciego de Ávila
Photo: Odania Garcia Heredia

Pre-candidate for the tenth CDR Congress elected in Ciego de Ávila

Lázara González Armenteros, president of CDR # 5, of Zone 139, in the Roberto Rivas Fraga popular council of Ciego de Ávila, was elected as a pre-candidate for the great appointment of the Cuban CDR members, scheduled for next September.

The foregoing transpired in the X Congress of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) assembly, an organic process to strengthen the base structures that, since January, has been taking place throughout the country as a step prior to the conclave.

In the meeting, where managers of the mass organization in that demarcation of Ciego de Ávila and community factors participated, the main advances in the work of the CDRs were announced.

The strengthening of revolutionary vigilance, the linking of young people to the leadership from the base, and the incorporation of the unlinked to study and work, were some of the agreements of the CDR members to guarantee the proper functioning.

In the exchange, the leadership of the CDR Zone was unanimously approved, made up of the coordinator Amaury Justa García, the organization secretary Nieves Palacios, the surveillance secretary Jose Luis Areválos and the ideological Amarilys Ferriol.

Likewise, activists Yamila Gainza, Yelena Carrera and Samanta Alemay were proposed for the position, while Amaury Justa García was elected as a candidate for member of the intermediate directorates.

During the assembly, they recognized the members of CDR # 3, the most prominent in that Zone 139, as well as the Justa García family, other prominent CDR members, and voluntary blood donors Yansy Rosales Valdivia and Julio Cesar Moreno Quintero.

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