Popular race Júcaro to Morón Trail Crossing Race organized

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A popular race is being organized to be held on November 30 in the city of Ciego deÁvila under the name of «Carrera Cruce de la Trocha de Júcaro a Morón» (Júcaro to Morón Trail Crossing Race).

All those interested, athletes or amateurs, may register to run the official distances of 10 and five kilometers, and in both segments will be awarded to the first to reach the finish line.

Carlos Gattorno Correa, director of the National Commission of Races and Walks of Inder, in offering the information said that this event is the first after the Marabana 2022.

The Carrera Cruce de la Trocha de Júcaro a Morón will be developed as a tribute to the feat of the Mambi troops in 1871, when they outwitted the military fortress built by the Spanish army in the avilanian territory, during the Ten Years’ War.

Those interested in participating should go to the sports organization’s offices in Ciego de Ávila to find out all the requirements and formalize their registration.

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