En este momento estás viendo Pioneers will guard the ballot boxes in elections in Cuba (+Photo)
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Pioneers will guard the ballot boxes in elections in Cuba (+Photo)

With the registration of nearly eight thousand members of the José Martí Pioneers Organization to guard the ballot boxes, preparations for the national elections to be held on the 26th in this Cuban province are advancing today.

The infants, selected in the eight municipalities of the Spirituan territory, reaffirmed their commitment to support this transcendental step contemplated in the Constitution to elect the members of the National Assembly of Popular Power (ANPP),

Doany Hernández, president of the Organization, told the press that the pioneers dressed in their uniforms and scarves will also take the ballots to those who, for health reasons, are prevented from going to the voting centers, as well as guide voters in the process.

Hernández signified the patriotic value and the trust placed in the new generations to be guardians of a democratic act where the participants will determine who will represent them in the ANPP.

In addition, the Provincial Electoral Council reported that more than 6,500 electoral authorities are trained to work in the polling stations and give reports to the different instances of the country.

In the territory, details related to the voting system and the transmission of data to the competent levels are being finalized, such as the national dynamic test scheduled for next Sunday the 19th, where all the systems established for the day of the elections will be verified.

Deiby Aquino, a member of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution, told Prensa Latina that the biographies and photos of the candidates for deputies placed in public places allow voters to know their trajectories.

In the province, 988 polling stations will be enabled, of which 931 will be in state institutions and the rest in homes.

Conditions are also created for those people who are far from their school to exercise their suffrage, such as the Camilo Cienfuegos Provincial General Hospital, the José Martí Pediatric Hospital and the Interprovincial Bus Terminal.

It was learned that for the first time some 15,000 young people will participate in national elections, of which 552 reach 16 years of age.

On election day, he pointed out, collaborators, supervisors and staff will also act to guide people where and how to vote, as well as in the continuous production centers, the administrations must guarantee the access of their workers to the voting centers.

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