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Pioneer martyr Paquito González Cueto remembered

The Pioneer elections held last Friday in Educational Institutions of the Avilanian municipality of Morón, began with special morning sessions where a memorial tribute was paid to Paquito González Cueto, the first pioneer martyr.

In Pioneer groups such as the Benito Juárez, Roberto Rodríguez and Alfredo Álvarez Mola High Schools, students highlighted the figure of Paquito González, murdered on September 29, 1933.

“Paquito rose to the pedestal of history on a day like this, 90 years ago and his example, responsibility and sense of duty serve as a guide to the work of the pioneer organization,” highlighted a student from the Mártires de Granada Semi-boarding School, minutes before presenting the candidates to occupy positions in this children’s organization.

Poems, declamations, songs and the commitment of “We will be like Ché” were heard unanimously this Friday in the territory’s schools, at the beginning of election day.

Tomasa Regla Serit Valiente, Director of the José de la Luz y Caballero school, said that the elections imply commitment since the students are going to choose their classmates who in turn will represent them throughout the school year in the group and the detachment.

«Today we began the elections with a special morning allegorical of the murder of the first pioneer martyr Paquito González Cueto, and then the first pioneer assembly took place where the pioneers signed their commitment to the organization and formed the collective council of pioneers, structured to undertake the various tasks that the organization guides,” said Serit Valiente.

“Parameters such as attendance and punctuality, the correct use of the uniform, discipline, solidarity and responsibility towards the study served as a guide for the students to select their group,” she argued. (Written by Leonel Iparraguirre G-Kathery Ruiz Robaina)

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