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Pineapple crops promoted in Ciego de Avila

The Bioplant Center of Ciego de Avila has more than 30 thousand Cabezona pineapple plants ready to be marketed to
plants of Cabezona pineapple ready to be marketed to private or state producers interested in extending this variety in their productive areas.

There is a marked interest in extending the cultivation of this variety in the province, as it is an ecotype adapted to the growing conditions of low fertile soils and rich in limestone, as certified by agrobiologists.

The Cabezona pineapple is an ecotype of the variety known as Española Roja and currently the largest plantings are located in the provinces of Holguín and Guantánamo.

The difference is that Cabezona is a larger fruit than Española Roja.
The similarity between the two is that they are rustic plants with thorns and few nutritional requirements for their growth.

More than 30 years sowing science is the essence of the Bioplants Center of Ciego de Avila, which exhibits a remarkable work of scientific research to achieve genetically improved crops and increase food production.

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