En este momento estás viendo Permanent Parliamentary Committees to meet in Cuba
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Permanent Parliamentary Committees to meet in Cuba

The Permanent Working Commissions (CPT) of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP, Parliament) of Cuba will hold meetings today and tomorrow prior to the sessions of the legislature, scheduled for the next 20-22.

According to statements made to the press by the coordinator of the CPTs of the ANPP, Martha Hernandez, the deputies will discuss crucial aspects of national life, ascertained in previous meetings with the population and public servants.

The members of these structures will analyze deficiencies appreciated in the territories and the measures to solve them, said Hernández.

He specified that the fulfillment of the Food Sovereignty and Food and Nutritional Security Law, the actions to counteract the rise in prices and the housing construction program will be evaluated.

They will also evaluate the state of communal services, the improvement of retail trade and the materialization of the delivery of subsidies to vulnerable people, he said.

The meetings on Monday and Tuesday will set the stage for the Second Session of the X Legislature of the ANPP to be held in the capital’s Convention Palace in the following three days.

The agenda of the meeting foresees the examination of the implementation of the Family Code, Law 114 on criminal proceedings, in addition to agreements and decrees laws of the Council of State to be ratified.

The deputies will pronounce themselves on the exercise of the highest supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, the rendering of accounts of the Ministry of Industry and the governments of the provinces of Cienfuegos (center-south) and Las Tunas (east).

The performance of Law 118 on Foreign Investment, the draft laws on Public Health, the Military Prosecutor’s Office and the System of Attention to Complaints and Petitions of the People will also be discussed.

The parliamentary meeting will put into context the fulfillment of the legislative schedule for the current year and will outline the program for 2024, ANPP executives said.

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