Outstanding Education leaders recognized in the territory of the avilanian province


Bismark Salaber Varela, director of Education in the avilanian territory and Gladis Ruiz Marrero, deputy director at that level, were recognized during the Balance of the Policy of the leaders of that sector in the provincial capital.

Also honored for their outstanding work were pedagogues Adonis Pérez, Osmany Morales, Belkis Pérez, Kelvis Ochoa, Suleidy Molina and Germán Ávila.

The unconditional dedication for more than 15 years of school principals, heads of educational levels and their reserves, were honored on the eve of Educator’s Day, on December 22.

During the Balance of the Leader Policy of the municipal management of this sector in Ciego de Ávila, among other goals, it was projected to achieve an adequate preparation and attention of the graduates once the first year of work is over.

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