En este momento estás viendo Oscar Sarduy, a great power hitter

Oscar Sarduy, a great power hitter

There are many quality baseball players from the avilanian municipality of Venezuela, among them former catcher Oscar Sarduy, well known in the 80s and 90s.

El Bola, as his teammates and friends call him, started playing baseball at a very young age and soon caught the attention of specialists.

That is why he climbed and participated in 13 National Series with the Ciego de Ávila team, where he proved to have mastery of the catcher, good arm and above all great power at bat, as evidenced by the fact of having been for several years the fourth bat of the Avilaian team, a position reserved for men of proven strength.

Reviewing Sarduy’s record, we see that he hit 561 hits, 73 doubles, 4 triples and 71 homers, driving in 296 runs, while his defensive average was 981.

More than two decades have passed since his retirement from active sports, however, many fans remember Bola, giving his best on the field.

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