En este momento estás viendo Orthopedics and traumatology event begins in Cuba

Orthopedics and traumatology event begins in Cuba

Orthopedists and traumatologists started to exchange experiences since yesterday in Cuba on the progress made by these specialties in the quality of diagnosis and treatment of gonarthrosis.

The meeting called Gonarthrosis 2022, with international scope, will be held virtually until October 15.

The conclave is organized by the Cuban Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology and the University of Medical Sciences of Camagüey «Carlos J. Finlay».

Gonarthrosis means knee arthrosis, and comes from the Greek words «gonu» (knee), «arthron» (joint) and «osis» (formation or conversion, suffix used in diseases).

The medical literature specifies that it is a chronic, degenerative and progressive joint disease, resulting from mechanical and biological events.

The meeting is subdivided into 11 topics, which help to interpret gonarthrosis from a multidisciplinary approach. Among the modalities to participate are: case presentations, original papers and literature reviews.

The purpose of this event is the scientific exchange between national and international health professionals from different specialties and disciplines in relation to gonarthrosis, according to the digital site Infomed.

The incidence of gonarthrosis is directly related to the life expectancy of the population and its appearance at increasingly younger ages.

Hence the importance of this condition, from both the medical and social points of view.

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