En este momento estás viendo National Vanguard Ciego de Avila Builder’s Yard
The moment was opportune to encourage the most outstanding workers/Photo: José Luis Martínez Alejo

National Vanguard Ciego de Avila Builder’s Yard

The workers of the service delivery unit, belonging to the Construction and Assembly Company in the province of Ciego de Avila, won National Vanguard status for results in quality, savings, innovation, economic efficiency and trade union performance over the past year.

In the activity of awarding the flag corresponding to the highest category of emulation, the collective received the certificate of Centro Latiendo by the 22nd Congress of the CTC, the name of the political movement of this organisation for the promotion of the fulfilment of productive, economic and trade union plans and the contribution to social tasks.

The moment was opportune to encourage Yarelys Castillo Márquez, José Antonio Molina Díaz, Yaikel Piñero Martínez and Bárbaro Ferreiro Castillo, the most outstanding workers of the centre better known as the Patio del Constructor.

This collective maintains economic efficiency this year, based on more income than expenses and obtaining profits in the provision of food and lodging services to the personnel of the construction brigades in the territory of Avila.

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