National Transit Day activities being carried out in Ciego de Ávila

Photo: Odania García Heredia

A parade of the motorized brigade of the patrol unit will kick off this November 13 in Ciego de Ávila the 59th National Traffic Day.

With the slogan «It has consequences» and dedicated to the victims caused by these accidents, the current edition aims to raise the culture of road users, and raise awareness among drivers about the discipline to avoid accidents through different platforms.

From January to October, 204 collisions were reported in the province, an indicator that exceeds 30 deaths (32), a figure that increases by 21 those occurred in the same period of the previous year and 243 injured, 120 more than in 2021.

Therefore, during the current traffic day, which lasts until the 19th of this month, the tasks are aimed at promoting road safety education through talks and operations on the road, as well as exchanges with specialists on the subject.

Among the actions that will mark the week are the skills competition and the awarding of the children’s contest, as well as the recognition of drivers without traffic accidents and outstanding entities in the prevention of accidents.

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