En este momento estás viendo Mothers of Plaza de Mayo march for 2,386th time in Argentina
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Mothers of Plaza de Mayo march for 2,386th time in Argentina

As every Thursday, at 3:30 p.m. local time, women whose children were taken away by the last civil-military dictatorship in this country (1976-1983) will demand justice around the Pyramid of May, near the Casa Rosada.

Last week, the Mothers reiterated their rejection of a decree of necessity and urgency signed by President Javier Milei and a package of laws sent to Congress, considering that they violate citizens’ rights.

In addition, they asserted that «the homeland is not for sale» and repudiated an anti-protest protocol implemented by the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich.

In a statement, the organization assured that the measures against popular mobilizations are violent and unconstitutional.

It reminds us of the communiqué N°1 of the Military Junta of March 1976. With this measure, the government assumes for itself the powers of the Judiciary, violating the minimum guarantees that distinguish a democratic system from a dictatorship, the text points out.

In addition, it consecrates espionage against social, political and trade union groups under the pretext of public security, it adds.

It also condemns an adjustment plan implemented by the country’s leadership.

The popular resistance will be unstoppable and, sooner or later, it will be expressed in the streets. We, the Mothers, have been marching in the Plaza de Mayo for more than 2,300 peaceful but deeply political marches. We will remain there until the people are happy as our children wanted, assures the document.

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