En este momento estás viendo Majagua to hold its 22nd Conference of the CTC Congress

Majagua to hold its 22nd Conference of the CTC Congress

Under the slogan «For Cuba We Create», the workers’ movement in the southwest of Avila, in order to continue the process developed at the grassroots level, will hold its 22nd Municipal Conference of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (Cuban Workers’ Central) next Friday.

The theatre of the governing body will host the 50 delegates, who, together with the guests from the different bodies, will carry out an extensive programme of activities which will begin at 6:30 in the morning with the reception and accreditation of the participants.

Trade union operations and the care of retirees will be among the topics to be discussed, as well as everything related to Resolution 38 of the Innovators and Rationalisers, collective bargaining agreements and strategies for the acquisition of means of human protection.

The new CTC Bureau and Municipal Committee will also be elected by secret and direct ballot, as well as the delegation of the territory to the Provincial Conference, while a group of collectives will receive the status of the 22nd Workers’ Congress.

The Municipal Conference of the 22nd Congress of the Cuban Workers’ Central in the land where people dance and triumph next Friday, is preceded by a series of activities in homage to Lázaro Peña, among other trade union leaders, and to the 65th anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution and the 85th anniversary of the CTC.

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