En este momento estás viendo Majagua has a new local project for women’s tastes

Majagua has a new local project for women’s tastes

A few days before reaching 6 months of its opening, the local development project «Ediadnmara, we complete your home» in the municipality of Majagua, shows signs of fulfilling its purpose. To be in line with women’s tastes.

In this respect, the head of this new form of economic management, Adiadnmara Ruiz Hidalgo, explained that the collective has taken on the task of getting to know the tastes and needs of women, both personally and in terms of the home environment, in order to provide them with the required merchandise.

In this way, women who visit this establishment located at number 8 Libertad Street, on the corner of República Street, have the possibility of acquiring articles for their individual use, such as umbrellas, shoes, underwear and outerwear, as well as ornaments and utensils in great demand in the home, such as plates, glasses, cups, food storage containers and hygiene products, which if they are not in stock, requests are made.

The Local Development project «Adiadnmara, we complete your home» has received favourable opinions from the people who visit the place, who praise the good treatment and comment that it is a privilege to have a project with these characteristics.

Purchases can be made here in cash, by means of transfers and in foreign currencies in accordance with the existing exchange rate, in addition to bank credits.

Among the perspectives of the collective, whose name implies the desire to contribute to family happiness, is to extend the services to the community environment and twice a month to move to the commercial and gastronomic fair on Saturdays, whose first experience was dedicated to Mother’s Day.

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