En este momento estás viendo Majagua achieves progress in epidemiological recovery
Foto: Amador Rodríguez López

Majagua achieves progress in epidemiological recovery

The work carried out in the municipality of Majagua with the support of all the factors made it possible for the territory to reduce its infestation indexes among other indicators that show epidemiological recovery.

This was recognized here by the provincial team of the health sector headed by its director Nilka Pita Armán and the vice governor Ania Rosa Francisco Malde, who were interested in the development of each of the actions aimed at facing the complex situation that led this municipality to be declared in the dengue transmission phase.

In this area, the intense fight against the fumigation actions carried out daily in the head town of the municipality and now extended to the Popular Council of Orlando González, together with the tasks aimed at locating all the fever cases to receive the corresponding treatment, were highlighted.

The group of recommendations issued in this regard included not stopping the fight against the Aedes mosquito as a transmitting agent, with emphasis on those blocks revealed to be reiterative, which numbers are decreasing considerably, as well as vigilance regarding the entry and exit of people.

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