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Key issues debated in Morón’s Radio balance sheet

Issues related to quality as a premise for an ever closer approach to the audience, with programming in line with the updated community radio, were the focus of the debates at the balance assembly of the Radio Morón radio station for the year 2023, which is about to conclude.

Alfredo Fernández Arcia, director of the radio station, in the Central Report, highlighted the progress of the programming, the activities for the 74th anniversary of the radio station and the work projections for the coming calendar with emphasis on a greater interaction with the listeners.

He said that dedication and effort are necessary, even in the midst of an adverse situation, but confident in the optimism of the collective that has been able to overcome obstacles and move forward with effort and dedication.

He highlighted the individual and collective work of those who, attached to the radio, give it that distinctive stamp that has always characterized program directors, journalists and sound engineers.

He highlighted the launching of the Youtube channel and the topics related to the work of the territory, as well as the positioning of the Web site that gives prestige to Morón radio.

Celia María López, president of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power and Lidia Xiomara Viamontes, director of the provincial radio network in Ciego de Avila, were present at the meeting, where they praised the dedication of Morón’s radio broadcasters to face the coming year, when the broadcasting media will reach its 75th anniversary. (Carlos González Ruiz)

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