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Hermanos Saíz Association expands cultural spaces

As it is the duty of every artistic vanguard, the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) in Avila continues to generate cultural spaces for the dissemination of the artistic work of its members.

This 2024, with a renewed provincial presidency, promises a program more in tune with the times and full of varied proposals, after a 2023 with spaces that ranged from workshops in various manifestations, to peñas and presentations.

The space for thought and criticism as A Rajatabla -reminiscent of that homonymous newsletter that was created in 2001 and later became the AHS website-, will be generated on the second Friday of each month at 2:00 p.m. at the Barquito café, in the Casa del Joven Creador, and its goal is to raise awareness among all decision makers on important issues of culture in Ciego de Avila and in the country.

The visual arts will have a new workshop, but this time on photography. A equilibrium, by the young photographer and writer Lázaro Delgado Valencia, head of the Literature section. His meetings, with a bimonthly frequency, will aim to promote photographic and compositional knowledge to all lovers of this art.

In addition to Lázaro being its main architect, it will count with the presence of outstanding exponents of photography made by young people throughout the island. Therefore, it will be the ideal space where the instruction will have the necessary depth.

In confidence is the peña, also of thought, which from the wisdom of the young journalist José Aleman Mesa, will be held on the last Thursday of each month. As guests, among others depending on the topic to be discussed, will be the young people of the Red de Articulación Juvenil (Youth Articulation Network). The aim is to raise public awareness on social equity in times of such complexity.

This year the creative writing workshop Brisa nueva, created by the writer and bookseller Arlen Regueiro Mas, who passed away recently, will be resumed. This workshop continued its vitality, in a second stage, under the guidance of Leo Buquet.

Thus, the restless newcomers also rescue this year a cultural interventionist event that comes from the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba and, now, with a rejuvenated name, Tendedera joven (Young Clothesline).

The idea is to bring young artistic creation closer to the city’s underprivileged neighborhoods. And to make use of clotheslines to hang visual arts works, poems, posters. At the same time, puppeteers, poets, musicians, will be performing their works for the community.

This event will have a bimonthly incidence and for the month of March it is expected to start in the southern part of the City of Portals. (Written by Vasily M. P.)

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