En este momento estás viendo Havana International Book Fair closes its doors (+Fotos)

Havana International Book Fair closes its doors (+Fotos)

The 32nd edition of the Havana International Book Fair closed its doors on Sunday in a ceremony held at the San Carlos de la Cabaña fortress.

Juan Rodríguez Cabrera, president of the Cuban Book Institute (ICL), organizer of the forum, said at the closing ceremony that more than 450,000 people attended the Fair in Havana.

A total of 435 representatives from 56 countries participated in this annual event, a figure that sets a new record of representativeness in the most significant forum of the national publishing and literary panorama, the ICL executive stressed.

He thanked Brazil for its presence as guest of honor and stressed the intention of continuing to build cultural bridges between the two nations.

Attending this final ceremony in the Nicolás Guillén hall of La Cabaña were Rogelio Polanco Fuentes, member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the PCC and head of its Ideological Department; the Cuban Minister of Culture, Alpidio Alonso; and the director of Books, Readings, Literature and Libraries of Brazil, Jéferson Assumção; among other personalities, intellectuals and guests.

At the event, Brazil was recognized as the guest of honor at this edition.

Assumção expressed gratitude for his country being selected as this year’s guest of honor and acknowledged the work of the Brazilian diplomatic headquarters in contributing to the success of the event.

He highlighted that more than 20 authors from the South American giant spoke here about their works and perspectives in literature and other fields.

He said that it is phenomenal that events like this are held because they enhance the connection between countries.

Assumção praised the presence of writers of the stature of Conceição Evaristo, Ailton Krenak, Frei Betto, and other writers, designers, cartoonists and musicians, bringing Brazilian cultural expression, including classical music.

He affirmed that work is being done to increase the presence of Cuban literature in Brazil.

Finally, he emphasized that «we need to put the book in a prominent place in the field of culture», as an essential element in the social and economic development of our nations.

In addition, during the event, the prizes awarded in the framework of the Fair were handed out in the stand design section, in which the first place went to the Alliance Française de Cuba.

In the free stand category, the Professional Book Fair won first place.

The children’s pavilion Tesoro de papel (Paper Treasure) and the project Nuestra Historia (Our History) were also recognized, as well as other institutions.

The enthusiasm of the public brought color to a book party that shone in the old La Cabaña venue as well as in the other fair sites.

Thousands of copies were available to the public thanks to the commendable effort of the Cuban government in the midst of the complex economic situation and the blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba that affects the Caribbean nation, according to Rodríguez Cabrera.

During the event, from February 15 to 25, under the premise Reading is building identity, the country’s most important literary prizes were awarded and dozens of presentations of titles, colloquiums, exhibitions, concerts and film screenings were held in a cycle dedicated to Brazil.

The delegation of that South American country, composed of writers and artists of high caliber, participated headed by its Minister of Culture, Margareth Menezes.

All stands offered books in digital and paper formats and payment was possible online or in cash.

Now the festival of letters will tour the country until its conclusion in March, in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba.

In each of the regions, in addition to local writers, Isabel Monal, philosopher, researcher, intellectual and winner of the 1998 National Prize for Social and Humanistic Sciences, and writer and art professor Francisco López Sacha will also be honored.

This celebration in Havana will be closed until 2025, when the 33rd edition will once again gather publishers, writers, poets, editors and booksellers, and once again the event will be the most massive cultural event in the country, with a large presence of children, teenagers and young people to read and grow.

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