En este momento estás viendo Guterres hails Celac’s efforts for peace in the region
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Guterres hails Celac’s efforts for peace in the region

UN Secretary-General António Guterres today paid tribute to Latin America and the Caribbean for its status as a continent of peace in a world at war and recognized the efforts of Celac in this regard.

During the inauguration of the eighth summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), he insisted on the need to preserve the spirit of solidarity for peace and security, sustainable development, social cohesion and in the face of the climate emergency.

The high representative exalted the bonds of unity in the region that contributed to the peace process in Colombia or the Joint Declaration for dialogue between Venezuela and Guyana.

«However, both cases also underline that implementation requires sustained efforts. And we also know that peace is much more than the absence of armed conflict,» he added.
The head of the organization warned of the expansion of violent and organized crime and arms trafficking, which has become one of the most important security threats to the region.
In this regard, he recalled the impact of these challenges in Ecuador and Haiti, where the «already disastrous situation is getting worse by the day.

Gangs hold the country hostage and use sexual violence as a weapon. Meanwhile, the UN humanitarian aid plan for that nation needs strong financial support, he added.

As other challenges, Guterres cited the challenges of small island developing states in the face of a global system that fails to provide affordable long-term funding to countries in need.

The secretary-general called for a renewed social contract, based on trust, justice, and inclusion and anchored in human rights, in all its dimensions.

Around the world, authoritarianism and extremism are on the rise, democracy and civic space are eroding while misinformation and hate speech are enhanced by new technologies, he warned.

At the same time, irregular migration has become a political tool, Guterres said, warning of the importance of addressing the root causes.

«Solidarity and cooperation are the touchstones of the history of your region and the mission of CELAC,» he added, calling for taking advantage of United Nations bodies to strengthen them.

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