En este momento estás viendo Guillen to be honoured with cultural activities in Morón
Photo: Radio Morón

Guillen to be honoured with cultural activities in Morón

The branch of the Provincial Foundation Nicolás Guillén, based in Morón, will organise a number of activities to pay homage to the National Poet on the occasion of the 122nd and 35th anniversaries of the birth and death of the National Poet, respectively.

From the 12th, the cultural institutions of the territory will host special mornings to remember the life and work of the author of anthological poems such as Sóngoro cosongo, Sensemayá and Por el mar de las Antillas anda un barco de papel, among others.

On the 13th at 9am in the branch itself, an activity is planned for the convergence of the projects Estoy poniendo la hamaca, Cuerda Rota, el Académico and Pantalla afuera, while a day later the event will take place in the Yambambambó town hall, where Las barcas de cristal will be joined by the groups Renacer haitiano and Nuevo renacer.

The Taller Medio Milenio will also take place, which will be dedicated to paying homage to the Cuban Communist Party militant, founded by his friend and poet Rubén Martínez Villena.

Nicolás Guillén Batista, who was also a Cuban journalist and politician, was born in Camagüey on 10 July 1902 and died in Havana on the 17th of the same month, but in 1989. (Written by Carlos G. González Ruiz)

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