En este momento estás viendo Guamajales local project makes donation to educational collective
Photo: Amador Rodríguez López

Guamajales local project makes donation to educational collective

A donation consisting of products for food processing was made by the collective of the Guamajales agro-industrial development project, from the locality of Orlando González, to the primary school located in that community of the municipality of Majagua.

The seasoned cumin, garlic powder, bijol sazón, sazón completos, as well as chili peppers and garlic in their natural form, are some of the condiments delivered, which will serve to improve the nutrition of the center, which has 205 students.

The occasion was also an opportunity to discuss with the students the creation of local development projects, which function is to strengthen the community environment through the production of local products, which makes it possible to increase sources of employment.

At the delivery ceremony, Belkis García Camp, president of the governing body, was present. Luis Miguel Navarro Llerena, director of the school, thanked Bienvenido González Luis, representative of the project, and the other members of the committee for the gesture of solidarity.

The Guamajales local development project, taken as an example, was inaugurated on May 1, 2021 and currently has 38 workers, with an equal number of men and women, and markets its dry seasoning products in entities all over the country.

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