En este momento estás viendo Flu vaccine applied to risk groups
Photo taken from Radio Morón

Flu vaccine applied to risk groups

With a universe of more than 3,000 doses, the flu vaccination campaign aimed at adults and pregnant women, which began in the avilanian territory of Morón on September 14, is being successfully carried out.

Risk groups are the main recipients of the vaccine, among them all pregnant women, adults over 85 years of age, diabetics and asthmatics from 19 to 24 years of age, and patients with chronic renal insufficiency, explained Ana Regla Alderete Oviedo, head of the Acute Respiratory Infections Program, ARI.

According to the specialist, the vaccine will be given to children with Infantile Cerebral Palsy, ICP, those suffering from cystic fibrosis, workers of pig and poultry farms, grandparents’ homes, patients of the Psychopedagogic Medical Center, nursing homes, and health workers and those of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, FAR.

A single dose will be applied as a reinforcement of the previous vaccination, for which pregnant women should go to the vaccinatories of the two local health areas, while the other groups will go to their respective Family Doctor’s Offices, she said (Written by Héctor Izquierdo Acuña).

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