En este momento estás viendo FEU calls for act of solidarity with US university students

FEU calls for act of solidarity with US university students

Hundreds of students will today ratify the rejection by the university community in Cuba of police repression against their counterparts in the United States for denouncing Israel’s crimes in Palestine, the FEU announced.

According to information published by the daily Juventud Rebelde, the rally will take place this Friday at 5:00 (local time), on the steps of the University of Havana, and foreign students studying here have also been called to attend.

Likewise, the University Student Federation (FEU) invites «workers and all good people who feel sensitised and cannot stand one more minute of Israeli genocide in the Gaza Strip» to the rally.

The organisers of the rally have also invited young people from other countries who are in Cuba as part of the May Day activities, who are expected to make statements in favour of the aforementioned causes, the Cuban youth newspaper added.

At the event they will raise their voices «energetically in favour of the noble cause of the Palestinian people and against the police repression to which American students are being subjected, said José Alberto Almeida, president of the FEU at the University of Havana.

Almeida acknowledged that the students of the northern country have the dignity to face and demonstrate against the barbarity of the Zionist government of Israel and yet, in the so-called country of «freedom», they want to beat the truth into silence, he added.

It is time for this genocide to stop and at the same time for humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip to be unblocked, which constitutes a flagrant violation of the human rights of the Palestinian people, demanded the island’s student leader.

The action by the capital’s university students is in addition to a dozen mobilisations and acts that have taken place this Thursday in various universities in the Caribbean country, in favour of Palestine and the university students in the United States.

The FEU condemned in a statement on 1 May the violent incursion of the police force on the campuses of several American universities, which reveals serious violations of the human rights of students.

The organisation pointed out that in the country supposedly defending democracy and human rights, they criminalise student protest and order their police forces to repress teachers and students who demand a halt to the mass murder of Gazans with the complicity of the US government.

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