En este momento estás viendo Federated from Majagua in Congress

Federated from Majagua in Congress

The celebration of its Assembly 11th Congress of the Federation of Cuban Women next day 10, is a reason for constant activity on the part of the members of the feminine organization in the municipality of Majagua.

The above was specified by Mirza Zequeira Gago, in charge of the Organizing Commission of the process developed at the request of delegations and blocks, where the 100 delegates to the event and the candidacy for the new Steering Committee were selected.

As part of the program prior to the important conclave at the municipal instance, starting next Tuesday, a tour of the applicants for the aforementioned structure will be held, through work centers and the demarcations of the Popular Councils with a view to the exchange with the population to discuss aspects of general interest.

Also with the same objective, five work commissions were created to analyze the work carried out by the Federation of Cuban Women during the last five years, as well as the proposals made at the base level, which will give the possibility of specifying the issues to be discussed in plenary. .

The municipality of Majagua has more than 10,600 federated members, which make up a total of 35 blocks and 210 delegations, and among the tasks dedicated to its municipal event is the completion of five courses in different specialties, including nursing and veterinary medicine, visits to vulnerable families and the increase in patios dedicated to food production.

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