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Farewell to intense days of science and sport at Afide 2023

Successful conclusion of the meeting that brings together prestigious scientists linked to the sports world

The X International Convention on Physical Activity and Sport (Afide 2023) closed today with a golden note, after four days of intense exchanges of experiences and debates to promote growth from science.

Attendees left the Havana Convention Palace with the satisfaction of having gained knowledge that they will surely be able to multiply in their professional careers.

All with a common denominator, «the importance of physical culture and sports for all ages in order to improve their quality of life with the application of science,» said Dr. C. Mélix Ilisástegui when she read the final report of the event.

The director of science, technology and environment of Inder recognized the virtues of the conclave, in which 415 scientific papers were presented as part of a program that also included 44 conferences, 355 papers, 17 panels and three round tables.

«Afide 2023 not only reaffirmed the commitment to work together towards the same end. It confirmed that the exchange of experiences, the debate on the results of research, the training of professionals, their management and direction, as well as the use of free time, showed that we were not mistaken in achieving sustainable development with the aim of improving our quality of life,» said the executive secretary of the event.

The timely exchange of students with doctors of science, the debut of the Weights and Strength Development panel and the soccer symposium reaffirmed the satisfaction, which was enhanced by other relevant activities such as the defense of the doctoral thesis of the once stellar volleyball player Yumilka Ruiz Luaces.

At the closing ceremony, headed by the head of Inder, Osvaldo Vento Montiller, the president of the Cuban Olympic Committee (COC), Roberto León Richards, and other executives, the annual Inder science awards were presented, along with other recognitions.

Vento Montiller received a special recognition granted to Inder by the World Council of University Academics and Researchers (Comau).

Earlier, the president of this Council, Orlando Terré, had granted Vento, Yumilka and Mélix the status of full members.

The call for Afide 2024, scheduled for November 2025 in the same venue, marked the end of the important scientific meeting.

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